Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cocoa Pancakes

Sometimes you have One Of Those Weeks. When the pantry is a little... light. But it's summer, so who really wants to tote three kids to the grocery store? Nevermind you're going through some Stuff, and only wanna be eating sweets + carbs. Obviously the only recourse to all that is searching Pinterest for sweet pancakes for dinner.

Who doesn't love a good breakfast for dinner? And breakfast can be tweaked and skewed to be just a HAIR away from dessert, which I FULLY ENDORSE. (Although perhaps I should refrain from using the h-word when talking about food. Ick. Sorry guys) So this recipe. I doubled, and subbed some stuff out for things I had on hand. It turned out really well, I may have eaten... too many.

2 c. flour
6 tbl. baking cocoa
2 tbl. baking powder
4 tbl. sugar (or maybe 3 if you're skiddish on the sugar)
1 tea. salt

2 eggs
2 tea. vanilla extract
2 c. milk
4 tbl. coconut oil

Sift together the dry ingredients, then blend in the wet ones. I usually do all except the coconut oil because the cold milk may make the coconut oil solidify and be clumpy. Bleh. Once it's all smoothed in, then do the coconut oil, and it works much better. Scoop onto a skillet in 1/4 c. portions, it's not a thick mix, and wait for it to bubble in the middle before flipping. Top with butter & powdered sugar. Maybe some berry syrup? It could make for some very delicious concoctions! Enjoy!